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Life is easier

with cash in your


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A Kiosk Small Loan gets you by.

  • Your vehicle breaks down.

  • Kids need school supplies.

  • Starting a new job.

  • Bills coming in throughout the month.

  • Utilities threatening to shut off.

  • Medical bills piling up. 

  • Groceries.

What do you do? 
Visit First Kiosk Loan, apply with our simple application, show valid ID, proof of income (paystub or W2), and a bill showing your current address.   

Simple, Fast and Confidential.

You can also use our ONLINE APP and stop in to pick up your loan proceeds.   

Call us at 440-359-2586

Is a First Kiosk Small Loan

right for you?

You need money in a pinch.  Banks are not likely to give you a small-amount short-term loan even if you have an account. 



Do you visit a typical loan store? 

You could but despite it being their business model, many payday lenders require you wait in line for your turn to fill out paperwork. Then, you wait to hear if approved.  Most short-term and small loan lenders require you have a checking account and will take the payback money right from your account.  

What's the best alternative? 

The best of all worlds is the one place where you don't need a checking account and there's instant approval?


You can apply online for your small loan through our simple smartphone app.  TRY IT HERE - CLICK NOW.  Just answer a few questions and you're on your way to getting the cash you need. 






  • Faster access to cash when needed

  • Secure and confidential

  • Encrypted transactions protect customer identity

  • Fast response times 

  • Transactions can be conducted in less than a minute


A Game-Changer 

My First Kiosk Loan Corp announces the launch of its Small Loan and Check Cashing Kiosk in its first Ohio locations.  With over 25 years experience in alternative financial services, My First Kiosk Loan is the first to market an automated kiosk with both check cashing and small loan, short-term loan products.  The loan kiosk has been in development for more than seven years and will share the same cabinet as the automated check-cashing kiosk we introduced in 2015. 

After registration, the customer can access the kiosk with a thumbprint and find all their information safely and securely stored.  The First Kiosk Loan kiosk is a game-changer.  

See for yourself  

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