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Why you need some extra money 
My First Kiosk Loan

is here for you for whatever reason. 

We've been helping consumers like yourself since 1995 cope and adjust to an ever-changing banking environment.  For us, it's simple: if you need a short-term, we'll provide it; if you need a check cashed, we'll do it.  Our customers have relied upon us for nearly 25 years for such services.  

Now, we've made it easier and faster with the introduction of the automated kiosk for check cashing and short-term loans. Registration is easy, secure and you're information is securely encrypted and stored for future reference.  Use your thumbprint to access the Kiosk and you've taken a giant leap into the future of financial services. 

My First Kiosk Loan Corp. is a licensed Ohio financial services corporation. We offer loans up to $1,000 (W-2 required) with convenient repayment terms and no-hassle service from friendly customer service agents.  

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