People Ask

1) How much can I borrow from My First Kiosk Loan?

Upon your registration we access your income and set a loan limit at that time, generally $1000 or less. If you borrow funds and repay as agreed, we may reassess your account and offer better terms. Loan limits are set by the State of Ohio and we must comply with all rules and regulations. Apply now.

2) How soon can I get my loan and cash?


How it works: On the Kiosk You agree to repay the loan amount and on the payment schedule. The Kiosk prints a receipt with loan details and payment due dates, and a check for the loan amount. You can then cash the check at the Kiosk and receive your cash minus a $10 fee.

Note: No checking account is required. Try it Now.

3) What if I have a poor credit score or have filed bankruptcy?

At My First Kiosk Loan we understand how difficult the economy has been on individuals and especially families. We work with you to provide the funds you need, up to what's permitted by law. Your credit score and other financial problems are not a factor.

4) How much does a small, short-term loan cost?

All FKL short-term loans ae made available at a 28% interest rate. If paid back in full within three days, the loan is FREE.

5) How long do I have to pay back the loan?

All short-term loans are for a period of 35 days. The FKL Kiosk will provide you with an automated payment schedule that includes two payment dates and amount due on each date. The first payment is typically due 14-16 days after loan origination, and the second payment is typically 14-16 days after the first.

6) How long does it take to get approved?

Since we're talking about an automated kiosk, the time for approval is seconds in most cases, up to a minute if there is an issue. See for yourself click now.

Where is there a Kiosk I can access?

My First Kiosk Loan is in the initial phase of our Kiosk rollout. Currently, you can access a Kiosk at our offices in Bedford Heights, Ohio. CLICK HERE FOR ADDRESS You can also find a Kiosk inside the Shop 'N Go store ... CLICK HERE FOR ADDRESS Or, APPLY ONLINE